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05.27.08 | Comment?

Hello everybody, finally got this online. This blog will provide a basic background to our Simondon discussions that we will be having this summer. Now that I have a new server, we will have a limitless supply of memory for uploading all of the articles and texts that we may want during the course of the discussion group. Virtually everybody involved in the discussion group will have full editing and uploading privileges. The only thing that I request is that you keep the content of the blog private and blocked from search engines since we have a lot of scanned content.

To the left, we have the side bar with all of our downloadable pdf etc. You can upload the content yourself through the blog authoring window or even just upload it and provide a link in the links section of the blog. I am not a bloqque meister, nor do I want the burden of managing and tweaking this when I should be reading. So please take the time to read the instructions to learn how to use this. I’ll do a quick run through on Thursday when we meet with the performance group.

I am terribly ambivalent about the blog title, so any suggestions would be welcome.

oh and the proper place to login is:


the login name should be your first name with first letter cap

and pw is …….

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